Biker Tattoos

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Great collection of bad ass biker tattoo artwork design pictures, including the classic Harley Davidson biker tattoo.

Harley Davidson with wings

Lily Flower Tattoos

Lily Flower Tattoos designs are a lovely and elegant choice of artwork for both men and women alike.

Lily tattoos range in style color and size, largely due to the fact that there are 110 different species of flower in the lily family. Peace lily and tiger lily flowers are among the most common.

Enjoy this pleasant photo gallery of some nice lily tattoos.

Lotus Tattoos

The lotus flower is perhaps the most beautiful and electric of any flower, in fact Eastern countries value the lotus like the west cherish roses.

Its hard to go wrong when choosing a lotus tattoo design, maybe the hardest decision is deciding on which color to choose, the most popular are the red, pink and blue lotus.

Checkout these cool lotus tattoo photos below and help make you choice easier.

Flower Star Tattoo

Beautiful sparkling stars and flower tattoo on female body side.

Green nautical star tattoo and red flowers on young girls' neck.

Stars, flowers, and guitar arm tattoo.

Cat Tattoos

Monday, January 30, 2012

Cat tattoos are an excellent choice of design, they are more common among women as they have a feminine quality to their appearance.

Even if they are more common with girls, who wouldn't want a tattoo of they're favorite furry little cat, especially a fallen kitten, as a sign of remembrance.

Checkout this picture gallery of cool cat tattoo design ideas.

Vampire Tattoos

Checkout this blood sucking good photo gallery of some really great and scary vampire tattoos for you to feast on.

Perhaps you will find a vampire tattoo design you like, print it, and then show it to your tattoo artist.

Enjoy these vampire tattoos below.

Frog Tattoos Ideas Pictures

Frogs are quickly gaining popularity in the world of tattoo designs, and why not? Frog are often thought to symbolize harmony, life and rejuvenation, in fact the ancient Egyptians saw the frog as a protector and guide to the afterlife.
Here we have some cool examples of frog tattoos, for you to browse though and enjoy.